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JCC Service- CSR Pack® -

 Business Solution

JCC totally supports your compliance/CSR activity.

JCC Score®
Rating that measures the corporate compliance capability.® -a tool of collecting compliance risk-
To Japanese Company
This is the contractual service of inside whistle blowing
Reporter can use E-mail and telephone.
This service provides the prevention of information manipulation and concealment, and protects the total information of reporter, because all information is passed to corporation via JCC.

To Foreign Company
You can collect the compliance risk of your corporation effectively.
Japanese operator is in charge, therefore reporters use this service more easily than they have to report to the foreign head office in another language but Japanese.
The detail is here®.

Compliance Management Evaluation Service
This service provides you with “Compliance Management Evaluation Report” including the suggestion to improve corporate value. By utilizing the know-how that develops JCC Score, JCC evaluates the compliance capability of your company, your branch, and your partner.
For your realization of compliance management PDCA circle
For covering your group with compliance management
For your evaluation of corporate value before M&A

Compliance Management Consulting
This is total consulting service to improve your corporate value by realizing the PDCA cycle of compliance management. By using other JCC service, we totally support you to pull up your value.

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