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PDCA cycle

- Compliance Management Evaluation Service form Check to Action −


This service provides you with “Compliance Management Evaluation Report” including the suggestion to improve corporate value. By utilizing the know-how that develops JCC Score, JCC evaluates the compliance capability of your company, your branch, and your partner.

It is not too much to say that "Check" is the most importanct proocess in PDCA circle, and is the start for "improvement". JCC practices "Check" for the compliance management, and contribute to the progress to "Action".

 【How to use Compliance Managemnet Evaluation Service】

Internal Audit
JCC supports you to check the condition of internal control and the appropriation of business process.

Measuring the Effect of Policy
we objectively evaluate the series of policies that you took in the past three years.

Grasping the "Now"
We compare your JCC Score with the others' in the same businee area, clear your compliance SWOT (weekness, strength, opportunity, and threat), adn tell you what you are "Now".We suggest the effective policy and priority to improve your corporate value.

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