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JCC Score®

JCC Score

JCC Score is the first corporate rating in Japan that fucuses on corporate compliance
and evaluate corporate "Compliance Capability".

【Structure of JCC Score®】


We often hear the word of compliance and CSR these days. Then, how can we know
the level of the corporate compliance and CSR, and what measure the level?
A variety of companies have just started to publish CSR report or Environmental report.
However, it is still difficult to evaluate each compliance capability only by these reports,
because each company has just introduced what it did for compliance and CSR and there is
no united index by which we can compare one corporate compliance capability with the others.

JCC Score is the first corporate rating in Japan that fucuses on corporate compliance
and evaluates corporate "Compliance Capability" based on the information that JCC collects
from the inside and outside of the company. By useing this JCC Score, you can compare
and evaluate each corporate "Compliance Capability". In additoin, we conclude
that by obtaining high score and improving this Compliance Capability, corporate value
will be improved.

JCC Score is different from SRI Rating, because JCC Score evaluates corporate compliance
not from the aspect of investimet, but from the obejective view point of "Compliance
Therefore, if a company that gains a lot of profit head only for the profit, or
if a company just has good environmenital policy like green logisitics,
it does not guarantee high score.
JCC Score is rated totally by policy, plan, organization, evaluation, disclosure,
the past scandal, etc. on the matter of compliance.

JCC regards "Compliance Capability" as indispeansable infrastructure of corporate
sustainability. Without "Compliance Capability", a company will not be sustainable.
The high "Compliance Capability" does not guarantee high profit, but a company that lacks
"Compliance Capability" has much difficulity to make profit.
You can use JCC Score as a filter to select business partner or trade partner that has
high JCC Score, and as a index to know your own growth. In additoin, It is a corporate
task for a company to become relaiable to consumers, stockholders, and investers.
Thus, JCC Score is avaliable to all stakeholders to measure corporate compliance capabiliry.

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