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JCC supports the compliance management of a company, despite variety of its business and industry. JCC puts its first priority on the quality of the service it provides.

The following is some experiences JCC had through our compliance service.

Energy Company
・Providing compliance survey to corporate members and analyzing the result
・Providing compliance training and education to each top management, middle management, and general office employee, based on the results of hte analysis
・Developing the understanding of distal risk through the questionnaire after the traingn and education

Electronic Company
・Setting "" as an external window, after the dnfoercement of public interest reporter protection method
・Supporting to inform the setting to coprporate members and providing the user's manual JCC made
・Expanding the users to group company for developing the internal control and gathering the risk of group company

Heavy Equipment mfr.
・Enforcing "Compliance Management Evaluation Service" to compass its own compliance level and issues it
should solve
・Providing JCC Score based on the survey
・Publishing "CSR report", considering the weekness of its disclosure
・Providing compliance training and education to all employees and a part of group company in half a year
along with its original program JCC made , considering the result of the survey
・Standardizing the employees' knowledge and understanding on compliance and building up the total corporate compliance level

Housing mfr.
・Enforcing "Compliance Management Evaluation Service" to compass its own compliance level and issues itshould solve
・Providing JCC Score based on the survey
・Clearing the weekpoint of the compliance activity and the employees' level of compliance knowledge and understanding, comparing the other housing mfr.
Enforcing "Total Compliance Consulting" and building up the base of the compliance management

■Real Estate Developer

・Enforcing "internal audit "along with J-SOX considering coming business expansion
・Serching its organization control, function and business flow through questionaire, hearing, and interview
・Leveling and categorizing its risk through the reserch and clearing what to do next

■Financial Information vendor
・Providing JCC Score of all Nikkei 225 companies and delivering 225 scores to its cliants through its information portal
・Receiving inquiry from varieties of company and intoroducing JCC Score and other JCC services

■Securities Company
・Providing "Compliance Management Evaluation Service"as criterion for listing of the company the Securities are in chaege of
・Supporting effectivelly the compliance management structureing and J-SOX handling after listing

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