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We are new young company, starting business in Japan from August 2004. We offer the services of consulting, empoloyee investigation, support of whistle-brower, etc. to corporations as a fair, neutral, logical, and independent rating company. We rate companies, counting the observance of the laws and in-house regurations, the frequency of corporate issues outbreak, and the perseverance to the issues from the point of compliance spirit and CSR.

We name this rating which can measure the corporate compliance capability and CSR Level", "JCC Score". At the center of this score, we combine our service products and offer the business solution service. We deeply understand what company needs and what market hopes, and always think of what is valuable to the stakeholders. Therefore, we will offer the market the business solution whose goal is to grow up the corporate value.

We, JCC staff must continue requiring the business skill and knowledge as a business solution company which will improve corporate value. In addition, we think we have to offer the best businees solution service to our client. In daily work, we keep the ideal of compliance strong and high level and each one of JCC staff do business as one responsible and reliable business person.

JCC and our service will be the main axis of CSR in Japan and the deterrence to present corporate scandals, working people will always have compliance spirit and work with confidnece, and Jcc will contribute to the sttakeholders good relationship with our client. This is what JCC will hope.

Toshimitsu Matsuoka, President & CEO

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