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JCC management policy 罫線

Corporate Principle

 「We provide a Japanese market with the axis of coordinates to judge corporate value from the viewpoint of compliance and CSR.


JCC provides a Japanese market with the new axis of coordinates which evaluates a company from the viewpoint of compliance and CSR (*).

Generally speaking, the credit rating mainly focuses on the credit of company and helps stock holders and the people who would hold the stock measure a corporate value.In the present when the world becomes borderless in all fields, the environment around a company is drastically changing.

Therefore it is necessary for a company to walk along with not only stockholders, but stakeholders including them in order to keep the sustainablility and growth of its business.JCC works as a rating corporatin which evaluates "sustainability of a company" fairly, neutrally and logically, thinking of stakeholders, such as not only stockholders but customers, employees, and local residents.

* CSR=Corporate Social Responsibility

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